Your blog is one of the most important aspects of a content marketing strategy. Unless there is a staff member specifically assigned to write blogs it is up to you to come up with subject matter that reaches your audience and leads them to do something else…hopefully convert them into a customer.

The first 10 or so blog posts may come easily to you and then…writer’s block may kick in. Here are five tips to help you create topics that are informative and reach your target audience.

1. Follow Your Industry Trends

What is going on in your industry that is connecting with your audience? What are your competitors doing and writing about? What questions and concerns are your customers presenting? What do you want your customers and potential customers to know about your industry and your company? What is changing in your industry that will be interesting to your customer?

2. Know Your Audience

People enjoy learning about issues that mean something to them. In order to reach them, you need to know them so do some research to find out what makes them tick. Who are they? What is their educational level, What do they do for fun?

Record the answers to these questions and start at the basics of what your company does and what you offer your customer. This is a great way to write blog content.

3. Rely on a Content Idea Generator

These tools are very helpful for bloggers with writer's block. For example, Portent’s Content Idea Generator asks users to fill on one subject. Then it creates one idea with helpful “pop-ups” detailing why each part of the title will give you results. It’s a brainstorming tool to help give you the boost you need to start writing. Professional digital marketing companies like Cotts Inc. can also help you find topics for your industry or write the content for you. It’s a good idea to use these experts if you find blogging challenging and time-consuming.

4. Refer to News

Highlighting the latest news stories in your blog articles presents you as an expert in your field. Whether it’s an online news source or a television newscast or another outlet, take advantage of the news story right away. Does a current event reinforce an industry trend you are taking advantage of, does it apply to a holiday or upcoming event, is a quote from a celebrity about something happening within your industry? If so, either mention it in your blog post or create a post specifically for the newsy news.

5. Reuse Old Content

This is one of the best tips a blogger can use. Go back and review older blog posts. Take a look at the responses, reads, and shares past blogs received. Then rewrite the more successful ones, combine two together and give old content new life. Create lists, infographics, stories or checklists from the body copy. Add new photos or illustrations for added interest.

 Ask the content experts at Cotts Inc. how they can help you generate blog topics that get results.

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