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Will Your Small Business Even Exist in 2023?

I was watching some TV last night, and a commercial came on for a company that sells cars online. I didn't think much about it at the time; I was only half paying attention anyway because I was also shopping online with my iPad.

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  • Small Business Digital Marketing Advice, HTTP -vs- HTTPS

HTTP -vs- HTTPS, Why You Should Care

HTTP -vs- HTTPS web addresses, what is this all about anyway?
Why should you as a small business owner care about it at all? It was once just about security, but now it's also about user experience and page position in search. If you have a website, even if you are not doing e-commerce, read on...

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  • Digital Marketing Advice for Small Business, DIY Website Builders

DIY Website Builders for Small Businesses

Your website presence is a crucial part of any business in today’s connected world. Creating a website is not as easy as many people want to believe. So do you hire a professional website builder or use a DYI website builder?

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  • Digital Marketing Advice for Small Business, Facebook Ads for small business

Should I Advertise my Small Business on Facebook?

We get this question quite often. We specialize in helping small businesses with digital marketing. For most of these businesses, their customer base and their target audience are local. They are selling their products or services to their neighbors, people in the same area.

Should these small businesses be advertising on Facebook or other digital platforms?

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  • Small Business Digital Marketing Advice, Keep your Small Business Website Current

Three Reasons Why Your Website Needs To Be Current

Here’s some interesting information about customer behavior and small businesses. Research shows that consumers use both word of mouth and online research before they make a buying decision. A study by Vistaprint found that 36 percent of local customers find small businesses online and 37 percent find them through a personal referral.

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  • Email strategies for small business

Email - The Secret Weapon for Getting New Business

If you do nothing else in Digital Marketing, Build an Email List.

Building and maintaining an email list is the best way to generate business for the long term.
Having a well organized, well-maintained email list allows you to market directly to prospects who have shown interest in what you are selling.

But how do you manage and take advantage of your email list to bring you the most benefit?
How do you build your list in the first place?

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  • Digital Signs for Retail

6 Reasons Retailers Should Add A Digital Sign To Their Store

If you are a retailer in the brick and mortar world, you understand the importance of reaching the potential customer who is passing by your store. Whether you are in the mall, a shopping center or a specialty shop in a downtown location, generating foot traffic into your store is essential.

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  • small business is doing facebook all wrong

Facebook - You Are Doing It All Wrong!


That's right or at least most of you are. Most small businesses are using facebook all wrong.

Ask yourself this:

Are you getting any real business benefit from your Social Media time investment?
Do your boosted posts or Facebook ads actually generate profits?
Does your growth on social media show up as growth on your bottom line?

Why not?

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  • website design trends 2017

Website Design Trend Watch

Things are changing in a good way and to keep your website looking fresh and up to date, take a look at some of these exciting design trends and incorporate them into your website and entire content marketing strategy. 

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