Why do websites fail to deliver?

Poor design! That's right most websites failures fall into the same overflowing basket, poor design. Not just bad graphics or ugly images, not just nonresponsive sites that chop off the content on mobile phones and no, not just those over bloated sites that take forever to load.

There are tons of great looking responsive sites that load fast and have unbelievable images and graphic eye candy that still fall squarely into the poor design category. 

Some are constructed by so-called "professional web designers" some are homemade and a lot are made with those drag and drop website template builder services that you see advertised all of the time. But they all have the same problem, poor design.

A well-designed website is not about pretty graphics or techie things like the platform or the latest whiz-bang plug-in or widget. A well-designed website is first and foremost about getting results. You remember results, don't you? The reason you wanted that website in the first place. 

You really wanted to generate more leads, convert more prospects to customers, sell more product right? Was your website designed to do just that or did you somehow get off track and blinded by techie talk about frameworks and platforms, the latest plug-in or widget. Did you lose sight of the goal while browsing through thousands of stock photos and graphics?

Don't feel too bad, it happens to thousands of people and businesses every single day. So how do you get back on track? How do you get that website that works for you every day to generate the results you wanted in the first place? 

You have two choices;
Start down that long path of learning what to do (or maybe more importantly) and what not to do. Then build your new site.


Very carefully, choose a website builder to do it for you. If they start down that techie path talking about frameworks, platforms or plug-in's, Or they start spouting off about this or that feature, guess what. You are probably going to end up with another underperforming website and have a much lighter wallet to boot.

What they should be talking about is goals and conversion strategies, and explaining the three things every successful website must have. No hard sells, no "special this month" no Wordpress is great because... 

They should be 100% focused on finding out what your pain points are, what you expect from your website and relaying back to you in an understandable non-techie way what they can do to get you there.

Sound logical? Want to talk about your website with a real professional with years of experience doing it the right way? Someone just like we talked about?

Contact the digital marketing professionals at Cotts, Inc. today and start down the path to website success. 

Until next time,

Scott Williams
Director of Digital Marketing
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