"I have a Guy..."

That's what I call it. You know what I mean, you mention that you need something and miraculously almost like a voice from above you hear "I have a Guy...".

Well, I'm not about to say that "the Guy" isn't what you are looking for but I will say he's probably not, especially when it comes to content marketing and website design. And of course,  It all depends on your perspective and what you need to succeed.

In today's business world your website is the center of your digital universe and the single most important thing that you can control in the digital world. Once you understand this, then "the Guy" probably isn't what you are looking for to create your website. 


Because you understand the importance of getting your website done correctly, built on the proper foundation that will allow it to expand and change as needed in the future. You understand that unlike an ad or a one-time expense, it is an investment in your business and you expect a return on that investment. You understand that a website is a long-term commitment, a virtual "super employee"  that will work for you nonstop 24 hours a day 365 days a year. And you understand the importance of getting it designed right the first time.

If you need to build a new warehouse you wouldn't just any "Guy" right? You would hire a professional team to get the job done because you know it's an investment in your business. You would hire an architect, maybe an engineer, a contractor and other experienced professionals.

Building a website is like creating this new warehouse in the digital world. It requires a good plan, a solid foundation and a variety of details. If these details are followed, your website will function like a well-oiled machine and grow as your business grows. But if these details are left out or not correct you risk getting a website that doesn't work and is not able to grow with you. The website that may look good on the outside but doesn't work the way you expect it to and in the long run maintenance time and costs will affect your return on investment.

The bottom line is that the importance of your website can be instrumental in the success of your business. Assign your company's other daily tasks to "the Guy." Trust your website to professionals who have experience in all aspects of website design, will work with you to understand your company's goals and create a website that will work seamlessly now and as you change and grow into your future.

Until next time,

Scott Williams
Director of Digital Marketing
Cotts, Inc.

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