If everyone is doing it it must be right...

I'm sure you have heard this bit of logic before, but guess what, it's not necessarily true.

I'll be honest, I used to build websites with Wordpress, plenty of them. But the more of them I built the more I became convinced it wasn't the right platform for me (or most of my clients). Why? in a word, maintenance.

Wordpress is a large platform with a lot of users and a lot of developers making all kinds of plugin's and widgets to make it do all sorts of things that it was never really designed to do (it was originally just a blogging platform). And because of these factors it seems like its a never ending cycle of updates and patches to fix this or that or to plug yet another security hole.

Wordpress sites are a huge target for hackers because:
A. there is a bazillion of them.
B. it's relatively easy to hack a lot of them.

Now the zillions of Wordpress developers out there, (many of them are really amateurs) aren't going to easily admit this and will point to any number of plug-ins and services you can use to help secure your Wordpress site.

But think about it, the fact that a whole industry even exists that sells you things to help secure your Wordpress site kind of says it all, doesn't it?

Don't take my word for it, have a look at this from sucuri.net:

Wordpress developer Pottsville, PA  17901 Cotts, Inc.

Or this article from BBC news on Feb.10, 2017 (Excerpt below):

"During the past 48 hours we have seen over 800,000 attacks exploiting this specific vulnerability across the WordPress sites we monitor,"  

The moral of the story - Choose your platform wisely, it's not always best to follow the crowd.

So what do we use you may ask? Well, it depends on the needs of the site but mostly we build sites using the Foundation framework by Zurb. 

Until next time,

Scott Williams
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