How much does a website cost?

The real answer: 
If you do it wrong, a lot.
If you do it right, Nothing.

That's a pretty bold statement so let me explain. You're in business and presumedly you're in business to make money. A website done wrong doesn't make you money, in fact, it can cost you money! I'm not just talking about the time and money you spent to get it built or the ongoing cost to keep it running. I'm talking much larger numbers, lost sales, missed opportunities and customers lost to your competition.

How was your site designed? No, I'm not talking about the platform or the graphics or the techie stuff. Most of that doesn't really matter much. If your web designer pitched you on technology or a platform or overwhelmed you with buzzwords and techie speak I'm willing to bet your website doesn't make you money or at least not like it should.   

I'm talking about the plan and the purpose. Did you have a conversion strategy? Did you even talk about that? What's a conversion strategy? A conversion strategy is a plan to get your visitor to do what you want, to "convert" them from a visitor to a prospect and eventually a customer. 

I'm willing to bet that you don't want a website just so you can take up a little space on the web right? You want a website for a purpose and that purpose is to attract people to your business and turn those people into customers. If your site does that, it costs nothing, in fact, it makes you money.  And guess what, none of that has the first thing to do with the platform or the technology. Sure you need a stable platform, good graphic design, and fast, reliable hosting, but none of that matters if you don't have three key things that every single successful website must have. One of those is a good conversion strategy.

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