It's a fact. Social media is here to stay and one of the best ways to send people to your website where your real message is. Use those posts to your advantage and get ready for a wave of visitors with a well designed, attractive, mobile-friendly, up to date website.

Here are five ways social media and your website work together.

1. Social Media is a way to connect with and engage customers

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram offers businesses the opportunity to engage with customers and respond to customer comments and questions quickly. It is also a gateway to engage customers and encourage followers to visit your website for further information. Social media also provides a way to showcase the people behind your business and your story to appear more ‘human’ to consumers. Personalizing a business using social media builds an emotional connection that leads to more likes, more followers and more visits to your website.

2.  Social Media And Websites Work Together

What came first the chicken or the egg? In social media what should come first, social media or a website. This is the million dollar question. One, well two things are for sure. Businesses who want to grow and be successful need to have an active social media presence and a current, well-designed website. Social media should be used as a springboard to a website linking viewers to website content, which is where the message is clear. And the website should include the social media icon buttons located in a spot where they can be accessed easily. Social media and websites are meant to work together.

3.  Social Media Links Visitors Directly To A Website Page

As mentioned above, social media should be used as a springboard to a website where you control the message. Always include links back to your website in the posts. Link posts, whether they are blogs, events or product descriptions directly to that particular website page, instead of the home page. If you link to your home page, a visitor may not want to search and find the information they thought they were linking to. Capturing the interest of website visitor must be accomplished in seconds. If they have to search for what they are interested in they will probably leave.

4.  Social Media Is A Valuable Research Tool

Social media has many pros (and some cons, too) but on the pro side is the research opportunities. Most platforms, for example, Facebook Insights can work with your website, for example, Google Analytics to provide you with valuable information to evaluate the success of a campaign. These tools can help you answer questions like, "What social media platforms are generating more traffic to our website?, what campaigns were more successful than others?, What is the target audience? What types of products and promotions worked better than others? This data can be used to design future campaigns and product development.

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