The internet is here to stay…and by stay we mean in a big way. Research indicates that more than 60 percent of brick and mortar store sales were actually made thanks to online research. Your customers are looking for you and your products online. Do you have an online marketing strategy? do you have a current, mobile friendly website? Is your business using social media platforms to drive potential customers to your website? Whether you sell products online or not, you need to have a website. So where do you begin? Here are 5 effective tips to help.

1.  Create a Mobile Friendly Website: Your content marketing strategy is comprised of many things, but one of the most important parts is a well thought out, well designed, mobile-friendly website. A website is your online storefront, a site where potential customers get to know you for the very first time. A place where they get what they need from you. A place where they want to return again and again. The powerful fact about a website is that you can control the content that appears, unlike social media platforms. A well-designed website allows you to link posts from social media sites and outside material to your website where you can provide even more information. Since your website can “make or break” your success, work with professional web designers who know exactly how to get the job done for your so your website can start working for you.

2.  Keep On Blogging:  Blogs are a very important key in your content marketing strategy. You might think the most important thing to include in your website is your products and services. Well, there is something that is just as important. It’s a blog. Why? Because customers are looking for information about your company.  A blog is a perfect platform for you to position you as the industry leader, to become an expert in their eyes. A blog will also help you develop better customer relationships and trust. Give them content that is all about your industry, content that entertains, content that they will want to return for again and again. Blogs will drive traffic to your website and improve your ranking in search engines like Google. Search engines love new content, so the more you blog, the higher your chances of a search engine ranking you higher. So whether you write the articles yourself, or reach out to professional writers to help you out, keep on blogging!

3. Get Social: Social media platforms like Facebook, Google+, Instagram and others are valuable for a complete marketing strategy. Social media is instrumental in getting customers to your website. Your customers or many of them are using social media to communicate with their friends. Sites like Facebook make it extremely convenient to use their sites. Social media is where many information searches begin. So use social media to grab a customer's interest. Use photographs, videos, artwork and catchy headlines that grab their attention and include a link to your website where they can find more information. Some other ideas are interviews, giveaways, contests, recipes, behind the scenes, how to articles. product reveals and live events. We can help you develop a successful social media program.

4.  Use Email Marketing: If there is one way to reach your customers, it’s personally through email. Email allows you to share important information with them and send them to your website for even more information. Many companies use email to send a weekly e-newsletter to their customers, update them on special events or dates or to roll out a new product line. Our email management program makes it extremely easy. We have everything you need to create the email and all the analytical tools for you to track results, and maintain an important up to date email list.

5.  Get to Know SEO. SEO, search engine optimization is an important part of online marketing that focuses on increasing your organic or not paid search engine results. SEO is all about improving your rankings in search engines and driving traffic to your website. Certain keywords for your industry and links that you use are all part of SEO. Keywords and links are included into all the content you use on your website, blogs, and links to your website. Getting to know the important keywords in your industry and how to use them in your content is important. Professional digital marketing firms like Cotts Inc. can help you with your website design, SEO strategy and a complete content marketing program.

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Scott Williams
Director of Digital Marketing
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