What does this mean? Small business owners who want to keep ahead of their competition, need to maintain an up to date, engaging website. What that takes is content. What is content? Content is what people find when they are researching online for a local business. This includes an active up to date website full of information, articles, graphics and photographs that are specifically related to your business. Why is this important? Because research shows that nearly half of those surveyed said they wouldn't buy from a small business that has a poorly designed website

So moving forward, get your website off the back burner and turn up the heat! Your website can be a powerful tool and will work for you if you let it. We understand you have a desk load of responsibilities and your website is just one more task to worry about. You aren’t alone. According to a recent study by Linchpin, 71 percent of small business owners personally handle their marketing efforts in addition to everything else and nearly one in five small business owners didn’t even use digital marketing in 2016. Research by Redshift Research found that 35 percent of small business owners think they are too small for a website! Yikes!  Think of all the missed opportunities and sales this caused. 

But it’s not too late, it’s never too late. Now is the time to take a serious look at your digital marketing and start taking a proactive approach that will get you results. Remember your website is a living thing on the internet and adding fresh content gives the search engines like Google a reason to rank you higher. Here are three reasons why new content is so important, if not critical for your website.

1.  Fresh Content Keeps Your Customers Informed: When you have a dynamic website full of news, helpful information, testimonials and current events, it gives your customers a reason to visit your website and stay for awhile. Keep your audience engaged, develop loyalty and trust and they will become a buying customer. If your content is outdated, the visitor will not see you as a company they would want to buy from and move on to your competition.

2. Fresh Content Positions You The Expert: The more value added content you publish on your website the more you become an expert and authority in your industry. This is not only valuable for your image in your potential customer’s eyes, i.e.: customers want to buy from experts), it is a way to get noticed by Google and search engines. If you update and add reliable, valuable content then the opportunity for Google to rank your website is higher.

3. Fresh Content Should Include Keywords:  Just like a key will open a locked door, keywords in the digital world will unlock a door to increasing your rankings in search engines like Google. Keywords are important for website content because they help search engines match a website with a user's search. Knowing your industry and what keywords to use in your content is “key.”

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