One way to catch their attention is adding a digital sign to your store. Just like a television, a movie screen or a video on a mobile device, the bright, colorful moving message is attention grabbing. Check out these 6 reasons why digital signs are perfect for retailers.

1. Digital Signs Share Information:  Unlike poster boards and other static signs that take time to create and print, a message on a digital sign can be updated in real time. There is no “waiting for the printer” to deliver. Plus, digital signs offer unlimited graphics, music, sounds and visuals to catch the customers’ attention and share information about your store and what is inside.

2. Digital Signs are Versatile: Digital signs offer so many opportunities for retailers to dazzle their customers. Digital signs can use the internet to engage the customer and keep them interested. Much like an infomercial, digital signage can relay a message about your product, sale or event in a memorable, entertaining way.

3. Digital Signs Keep Customers Entertained: Messages on a digital sign will keep customers entertained while waiting in line. Instead of becoming impatient, they will watch cleverly designed messages and videos on the screen. The message can educate, inform and even encourage sales.

4.  Digital Signs Show You Are Forward Thinking:  Adding a digital sign to your retail store, shows you are modern and keeping up with the latest trends. It also shows that you care about your customers’ buying experience. 

5.  Digital Signs Pay You Back:  Some retailers decide to sell advertising space to other companies on their digital signs. For example, a specialty gift store will sell advertising to a nearby restaurant or a wedding venue will sell advertising to florist or caterer. This advertising not only generates advertising dollars it shows your overall commitment other retailers in the community.

6.  Digital Signs Work for You 24/7.  Retailers can take advantage of digital signage even when the store is closed. Strategically placed signs, in showroom windows, or outside spaces can share information about your store and product 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The message can be programmed to change any time of the day or night so you can reach your customers even when you can’t be at the store.

Take a look around your community. You’ll see more and more retailers adding digital signage to their marketing strategy and to keep up with your competition, so should you.

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